Did nails for another fashion show!

14 students showcased 6 outfits that composed their graduate final year collection in the prestigious SIA Theater in LASALLE College of the Arts.

4 of these students have been invited to showcase their collection in London for the 2010 Graduate Fashion Week.

Here are the 3 concepts (SciFi, Structural and Femme) for the show and the nails that went with it.

Model: Jasmine Concept: SciFi Nails: Metallic Gold

She was the 1st model who did her nails 🙂

Hair for SciFi.

I totally love this hairdo. Can someone do it for me while my hair is still long?

Xiao Xue Concept: Structural Nails: Creme Brown

Sweet gal from Beijing, only 3-days old in Singapore. Hope she gets used to the weather soon!

Model: Kristina Bridan Concept: Femme Nails: Creme Red

Lovely girl who said she can sense I have a nice heart and that I had good energy! Heehee…

From Left: Clara, Lucinda and Zit

The piece that Clara is wearing will debut at London Fashion Week.

Clara, american tomboy who eats a lot of rice. Serious. She ate like 2 boxes of rice for dinner. Who says models don’t eat?

Lucinda, senior lecturer for Fashion. Saw her busy ushering the guests in the SIA Theatre. Great work!

Zit, Fabulous Zit who was great help for hair, makeup and nails!

Many thanks to my boss for supporting this and Lionel for giving me the chance to participate in it.

Also, wanted to thank my SC and HM for shooing me upstairs to change and chopping seats for the show!

Sorry for the lack of photos cos did all 18 models myself and din have much time. One of the photographers gasped when she knew cos there were like almost 10 makeup artists and hairdressers there. Haha…it was really ok! I think I could be much faster though…


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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