Porcelain nails


This series of porcelain inspired nail designs started with a long time friend making a comment that she always wanted 青花瓷 (porcelain) nails for Chinese Nail Year. At that point, she had already had her nails done with a French design but I thought I’d give it a try.

After googling porcelain ware designs and some nail art designs, I came up with the prototype that had the B (initial of my friend’s name). The designs on the nail wheel came about after my cousin’s girlfriend asked for her nails to be painted because she saw the “B” nail on my instagram.

My favorite design and my masterpiece to date would the the mosaic one. It was inspired by a porcelain plate I saw online but the mainly because I wanted to finish using the rest of the paint. So, it took me neck breaking 2 hours to figure out the design and finish one nail. I probably can finish painting it sooner the next round. Anyone care to try? ^O^

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For the new year, I decided to take a new route home from work, which would involve more walking in a bid to incorporate more exercise into my life. This new route led to to discover many things around my neighbourhood, which had been around for eons but new and refreshing to me, like beautiful mural art in the void decks, old school playground and even an organic bakery!

Amongst the many discoveries is a new bistro/bakery that just opened in the newly renovated community club. NOM is the name and it stands for No Other Meaning. My mom and I popped by on its opening day (8 Feb ’14) to take a look at the menu. I was excited that they served brunch on weekends and mom was excited at the prospect that she doesn’t need to cook on weekends :s We didn’t eat there on the same day but I arranged with my Dad to try it out yesterday (12 Feb ’14).

wpid-rps20140213_104850_379.jpgAfter work, I made my way to NOM and before I reached the doors, the wait staff who saw me approaching, opened it for me and gave me a friendly welcome. (Well, how lovely!) I picked to sit outdoors as the weather was cool and it was near a place where my Dad can go take a smoke. Water and menu were served shortly after being seated, recommendations were given to me and I was left in peace to mull over the menu and wonder when Dad would arrive (he’d walked from home).

wpid-rps20140213_103939_154.jpg We ordered the roasted bird leg and smoked duck pizza (recommended) for dinner. Condiments like ketchup, Tabasco sauce, chilli sauce, chilli flakes and Parmesan cheese were served promptly with the dishes. The chicken was moist and tender, done to perfection. The accompanying cranberry sauce was not too overtly sweet, but my favourite part of the dish was the mash potatoes! It was made with real potatoes and I could even see bits of skin, none of those instant stuff! *thumbs up* The pizza had a thin crust with some herbs embedded in it, not a plain dough, which made it rather fragrant. The pizza sauce isn’t a normal tomato nor white base but like a plum sauce? The wait staff were attentive and did water refills periodically,  for which I’m quite appreciative of 🙂 The bistro wasn’t fully occupied when we visited, so hopefully, the services would be just as attentive when they get busy next time.

wpid-rps20140213_104111_505.jpgOn NOM’s Facebook (Yeah, I did some internet stalking before going), I saw that they had a caramel pecan cheesecake that looked yummy. (NOM bakes their own cakes! I saw the chef assembling a rainbow cake through the kitchen window.) Even though we were feeling quite stuffed after the chicken and pizza, I ordered a slice cos I am greedy. The cheesecake was fluffy, crumbly and creamy all together. The layer of caramel was thin enough to not overpower the cheesecake and not too sweet (I’ve got a real sweet tooth!). Absolutely adored the NOM customised wooden pan it became in.

wpid-rps20140213_104209_331.jpg Frankly, I’m really pleased a bistro has opened a mere 5-minute walk from my place, although Dad and I took around 20 minutes to get home last evening cos we are like super kaypoh people spending 10 minutes at the dumpster examining a broken chair for salvaging purposes, 5 minutes reading notices at the Resident’s corner and 5 minutes for just walking.  I’ve always envied friends who live in places like Holland Village and Tiong Bahru who can just stroll out and have their pick of bistros and bakeries. Next time, I’m going on a weekend with mom to try their brunch. Dad doesn’t wake up early, so I can also tabao the Chocolate Stout Cake for him as his breakfast 🙂

NOM’s food menu here:

wpid-rps20140213_104253_686.jpgNOM’s drink’s menu here:

wpid-rps20140213_104328_181.jpgNOM’s opening hours here (Cos the website isn’t updated) :

wpid-rps20140213_104739_308.jpgOur dinner was about $33 without drinks, there is no GST nor service charge.

Tipping is encouraged if customers feel that good service was provided and 100% will go to the staff. I’m going to have to remember to get them to add tips to my credit card bill next time.

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Ruffie comics: Halloween 2013

Boo! It’s that time of the year again!
Did the comics in both English and Chinese versions.


imageFor nail art updates, please follow me on instagram (@ruffiebear), link is in the top right 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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Ruffie Comic: Catfish burger

I got a lot of backlog. But going to do a quick post of a comic.


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Nails for Ansemble-Clothing Edition

Between customers, I did some nail tips based on Ansemble’s clothes. It was both fun and frustrating trying to capture the designs into the small surfaces.






So who is the designer for Ansemble? This is a question many asked me. Surprise, surprise, the designer who came up with these sweet looking garments, is a guy. Jeri Loh is the Singaporean designer behind the Ansemble label. He graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with a degree in Fashion Design. I got to know him when I was working at the college. Jeri has a lot of experience in fashion from designing, styling and even production of garments. The clothes manufactured for Ansemble are scrutinized by him and won’t make it to the rack if they weren’t up to mark. I can attest cos I am wearing his clothes and they all survived the washing machine test and my rough ways. (Disclaimer: I used my own money to buy them and aren’t sponsored.) Even though the clothes are knits, they are suitable for wear in our weather, cos who else would know better to design for the Singapore climate than a Singaporean?

So, please drop by Ansemble if you are in the Bugis area and lend some support to a local talent and business 🙂


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Dottie mani for Gladys

A cute Singaporean couple dropped by Ansemble on Sunday. They bought an Ansemble knit dress and an Ernest Seah bag. Gladys got her nails done while Alvin took his time choosing colors for his bag. They are such a cute couple!



Dottie nails for Gladys done with AngelPro gelly polish.

I was happy that she liked the nail art though it took a bit more time. Sorry that I don’t do service but if you like unusual nail art, be sure to check out Nail Artelier by Nail Art Express and Everyday I’m Polishin’. They are talented young nailists and would be opening a salon called Nail Artelier in Haji Lane in mid-June 🙂

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You want to bibimbap another one?

Hung out with Mabel, my cheese buddy, on Labor Day to test out a recipe for beer battered olives. She also planned for baked avocados topped with cheese and bacon. But did they turn out the way we wanted? Read on.


Ingredients for beer battered olives and baked avocados


Sending the avocados into the oven first


Stuffed the olives with bacon and cheese.


Batter them up!


Deep fried the olives *sizzle.sizzle.sizzle.*


Olives done! They were too salty! We should have soaked them in water longer to remove the brine. The bigger olives were store bought and pre-stuffed with chillis.


Bevy of choice was straight red tea. Tea got gay one meh? (^0^)


Time to eat!


Combined a cheese stuffed olive with avocado, sour cream and bacon on a taco chip. This was yummy.


Just some bacon with sour cream (seasoned with lemon juice and peppers) on a taco chip.


In the end, we bibimbap-ed all the ingredients together aka we made guacamole 😀


Ending the post with a pedicure I did for Mabel. She choose this out of the Spring collection I did earlier. The rest of the toes were a line of dots mimicking a french manicure, which Mabel is known to choose every time she visits a salon.

Hoped everyone had a good break over Labor Day!

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