OTC first nail art manicure

I have known OTC since my university days. Worked for her and subsequently with her in the labs. My good old friend and eating buddy. But she always watched me do nails for others and declined having them done.

Finally after all these years, she took the plunge and got me to paint. Yayy!!!


Did a simple manicure cos she wanted a light color. Gradient designs are a great way to ease first timers into nail art. Though her sister, Dan Lin, was egging her on to try another design by going “Zebra! Zebra!” 😀

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The Hokkien Mee Visit

Dan Lin came to Singapore for a conference and had promised to make me her signature KL style Hokkien mee! Aww! So nice!


Dan Lin had always been liking my nail posts on Facebook. I finally got the chance to paint hers!



Wrote this at 1.40am on a bumpy taxi ride home. Taxi uncle was so nice to ask me to be careful before I alighted as it was late.^^

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Colourful Leopard

Sunny changed her mani and chose a colourful leopard design for it.

A sliver base was used instead of the usual white, nude or pink base 🙂


Colourful leopard manicure using AngelPro #81 as a base, yellow (#9), orange (#71), pink (#72), purple (#73) and outlined with black (#29)


Fingers with colourful leopard prints. Check out the hearts!!!!

Heart prints were done both in colour and as small black accents.

Hope you had a happy weekend!

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White Pop Art

One thumb had bad wrinkling and started to peel the next day 😦 I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong as other fingers were doing fine. @chelxi from Pinkroom was do nice to help me troubleshoot over Facebook chat. She explained that it might be due to improper curing as the thumb usually tends rest at an angle when the hand is in the lamp and does not get an even exposure. I need to be more mindful in the future on how my hand is positioned.

I re-did my thumb with my red carpet manicure system. The polish has a thinner consistency compared to Angelpro. For the white base, I painted 3 coats. The black lines and words were painted twice. So, the dots looked grey.



Good night!

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Yellow Pop Art

Saw a postcard today and was inspired to try doing pop art on nails.

Here’s my first try and it’s done using Angel Pro gelly polishes #9, #29 and #47.


Hand on hand!


Here’s a picture showing the thumb. The pinky and thumb were rather badly done though 😦


Clear picture of the postcard (^_^)

Hope I’ll improve next time.

Gel polish is really easy to draw with!!!! But I’ll need steadier hands to draw the lines.

My right hand was just done with black polka dots as I felt a headache coming and I didn’t want to stress myself.

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MANicure and first tip!!!

This cute Canadian couple came into Ansemble and bought some clothes.

They were here to visit their son who is working here, escape the cold back in Canada and to go around holidaying in South East Asia.

The wife had her nails already done earlier and so, Jeff, the husband got a MANicure.


Jeff and his wife. Such a cute couple (^_^)


Jeff gave me a tip! My very first tip. Singapore does not have a tipping culture. So, it was quite surprising. Plus, the service was part of a promotion. He insisted anyway. So, I’m gonna keep it as a souvenir 🙂

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Mother and Daughter Nails

Showcasing the nails done during the Ansemble promotion.

Mabel and Maria were a nice mother and daughter pair who came for manicures after buying bags from Ansemble.

They both gave me a free rein with the designs on their nails. I asked them a few questions about their work environment and came up these!

Maria is an auditor, who wears dark coloured outfits most of the time. She needed something suitable for work but would like a little art.


Maria’s nails done using Essie’s Cocktail Bling as the base and No More Film on the french. Big and small alternating white dots gives the manicure a cute twist.


Closeup of the design that was adapted from one of the the Mother’s Day tips.

Mabel is a doctor who counts knitting and paints as her hobbies. She showed me pictures of her watercolour paintings on her phone, they were lovely! Had fun chatting with her. She preferred nude based and toned down designs due to her nature of work.


Mabel’s nails were done using AngelPro gelly. No. 93 is a sheer silver glitter used as the base, followed by No. 83 on the tips. The white zebra stripes were painted on with No. 47, an opaque white.


Closeup of Mabel’s nails. An interesting alternative to a french manicure. Design inspired by @robinmosesnailart. Oh! Check out my ccfl/LED lamp, my proudest buy to date 🙂

Many apologies to Maria who was waiting for her mom. Please drop by again when you get back from your trip.

It was nice chatting with Mabel too as we had some work experience, hope to see her around in school.

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