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A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.

Porcelain nails

This series of porcelain inspired nail designs started with a long time friend making a comment that she always wanted 青花瓷 (porcelain) nails for Chinese Nail Year. At that point, she had already had her nails done with a French … Continue reading

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For the new year, I decided to take a new route home from work, which would involve more walking in a bid to incorporate more exercise into my life. This new route led to to discover many things around my … Continue reading

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Ruffie comics: Halloween 2013

Boo! It’s that time of the year again! Did the comics in both English and Chinese versions. For nail art updates, please follow me on instagram (@ruffiebear), link is in the top right 🙂 Happy Halloween!

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Ruffie Comic: Catfish burger

I got a lot of backlog. But going to do a quick post of a comic.

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Nails for Ansemble-Clothing Edition

Between customers, I did some nail tips based on Ansemble’s clothes. It was both fun and frustrating trying to capture the designs into the small surfaces. So who is the designer for Ansemble? This is a question many asked me. … Continue reading

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Dottie mani for Gladys

A cute Singaporean couple dropped by Ansemble on Sunday. They bought an Ansemble knit dress and an Ernest Seah bag. Gladys got her nails done while Alvin took his time choosing colors for his bag. They are such a cute … Continue reading

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You want to bibimbap another one?

Hung out with Mabel, my cheese buddy, on Labor Day to test out a recipe for beer battered olives. She also planned for baked avocados topped with cheese and bacon. But did they turn out the way we wanted? Read … Continue reading

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