Nails for Ansemble

Look what my friend did with the nail tips I passed to him?

His shop did a poster with the nail tips!!!

So awesome to see my work in print.


Promotion poster for Ansemble

I do not do service on a regular basis as this is just my hobby and I love my day job despite the challenges. But I’ll be coming outta my shell to help my friend to do manicure for this promotion.

For the “gelish” manicure, AngelPro gelly polish will be used with 16 colours to choose from.


AngelPro gelly polish!


Closeup of AngelPro gelly. They are so sparkly!!!


Sunny is the first one to use AngelPro gelly! She is sporting No. 98, a glittery black polish. Check out her cute Mickey Mouse leggings!


Jasmine’s first gel polish experience! She chose a sweet light blue (No. 75) and white (No. 47). She is my friend’s new assistant designer. Such a lovely gal. Sorry to make you stay late for the mani (^_^)

Manicure service would be available during weekends from 3pm onwards.

Drop by to say hi if you are in the vicinity.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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