Spring Trend 2013

Recently, I got reacquainted with an old friend who is a fashion designer and had came up with his own label.

He had an idea about combining nail art with fashion and gave me “homework” on Spring Trend 2013.


Spring Trend Colours 2013


Here are the colours I interpreted from the chart he gave me. Most of them are from my existing collection.

Chanced upon a flea Smoochiezz was having at my school. Vivian who was working at the flea helped me with the 6 colours that were missing to complete the set. She is so sweet and helpful. Thanks babe! Also met 2 lovely girls, Eve and Ailin. Ailin is a manicurist and does great work from her home salon called Nail House. You can find her on Facebook.

Now, this isn’t a swatch blog. I love nail art and here they are!!!

The themes are somewhat based on Spring 2013 trends too.

Nailtips-Art-3 Collections

The 3 collections!!!


Black and white dramatic contrast. The top left design was an actual replicate of what my friend drew as an illustration!


Colourful collage, this kinda deviated from the theme cos I got carried away with doing leopard prints. But seemed well received on my facebook and instagram 😀


This set is got Mother’s Day that is just around the corner in May. Designed for mothers and daughters in mind. Would you like to wear a complimentary manicure as your mom? 😉

Behind the scenes: I had drawn designs first in my phone using Line Draw then transferred them into paper. Somehow, scribbling on traditional medium like paper still felt better.


Next step to present my homework. The nail wheel was done first then got requested to do them on nail tips instead.


Made a nail display stand for my homework using cardboard and screws I sneaked out of my dad’s tool box. The large screws were painted with Holy Grail from A-England. Kinda happy with this little DIY. Shall do this for future projects (^_^)

Okie. That’s the end of my little nail design stint. It was hard coming out with designs based on themes. I had a few nail tips that were discarded in the process as they seemed out of place.

Kudos to designers who do this day in and out.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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