You want to bibimbap another one?

Hung out with Mabel, my cheese buddy, on Labor Day to test out a recipe for beer battered olives. She also planned for baked avocados topped with cheese and bacon. But did they turn out the way we wanted? Read on.


Ingredients for beer battered olives and baked avocados


Sending the avocados into the oven first


Stuffed the olives with bacon and cheese.


Batter them up!


Deep fried the olives *sizzle.sizzle.sizzle.*


Olives done! They were too salty! We should have soaked them in water longer to remove the brine. The bigger olives were store bought and pre-stuffed with chillis.


Bevy of choice was straight red tea. Tea got gay one meh? (^0^)


Time to eat!


Combined a cheese stuffed olive with avocado, sour cream and bacon on a taco chip. This was yummy.


Just some bacon with sour cream (seasoned with lemon juice and peppers) on a taco chip.


In the end, we bibimbap-ed all the ingredients together aka we made guacamole 😀


Ending the post with a pedicure I did for Mabel. She choose this out of the Spring collection I did earlier. The rest of the toes were a line of dots mimicking a french manicure, which Mabel is known to choose every time she visits a salon.

Hoped everyone had a good break over Labor Day!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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