World Cup 2010 Nails

Who will win the World Cup?

Is it Germany, Argentina or Netherlands?

Wendy: Netherlands (Jersey), Kim: Argentina (Jersey): Me: Germany Flag

Or will Brazil, the hot favourite take the cup?

Kim: Brazil Flag

Kim is between Brazil and Argentina but holds Argentina dear on her hands…

Kim: Argentina Flag on thumb

Kim: Argentina Jersey

Wendy takes the stand that Holland will take the cup…

Wendy: Netherlands flag

Wendy also holds Netherlands on her hands...hee

So, who will win?

UPDATE: Another Brazilian supporter

Miss Fen and her Brazil jersey, bought way before Brazil got into the quarter-finals

Full shot

Here's the flag again. I don't think I painted 27 stars though. Hee!

No prizes for guessing Miss Fen's favourite player...KAKA!

With every match, there is a's my take.

Miss Fen predicted that Germany will meet Netherlands in the finals.

UPDATE 8/7/10: I think someone needs to change manicure again…

UPDATE 9/7/10: FIFA 2010 and Paul the Octopus

Miss Fen's colourful nails done for the last 2 matches....

P.S. In case Spain loses on Monday, its not really the Spain flag…

All eyes on FIFA 2010...

A tribute to Paul the Octopus...


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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