OPI Black Spotted

When I first saw swatches of black spotted, it was like “Wow, here is something really cool.” Then I learnt that it was only available in France and that it went for 8x its original value on Ebay. There was never a chance in the world I was going to pay that much for polish. As it is, all the OPI I have in my stash were gifts #alcheapo. But I was prepared to buy it and it happens, I’ve got a friend living in Paris. So, I Facebook messaged her to ask if she could help buy it for me. KR, my dear friend, went online to check, found shipping to expensive. So, she went to the shop and was sold out. But she finally found it and mailed it to me.

The miracle was, she didn’t wrap it in any bubble wrap save for the Sephora paper bag and it reached me intact, unbroken, beautiful. I was the proud owner of a LE polish. Quickly, I took pictures and up loaded it into several social media platforms for bragging rights for sharing and to thank my awesome friend. When I asked how much to pay her and methods of transfer ( she said to pay after receiving it), she just replied “Present.”

If I were a teenager I would say “So OMG, rite?”

Anyway, I was so touched (T____T)



Even when chipped, the design looked artistic 🙂

My experience is that the formulation causes the top coat to peel in a few days. Not sure if others got the same results. But it’s one of my favorite polishes now and is sitting in its own special spot (pun intended) in my manicure cupboard.


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