Halloween 2012: Behind the scenes

The banner for the comic was part of this picture, which was shot in the dark. It’s not a pumpkin, in case you were wondering.

This was how it looked in the light. Not so scary after all, right?

Ruffie had extra candy he didn’t share. Tsk! Just kidding, shot this frame after the mid autumn festival comic a month back.

Close up of the carved pomelo for the comic. Singapore usually do not have the habit of pumpkin carving.

Ruffie’s teef! These are sculptured acrylic extensions (Courtesy of @mentalforpolish), which did not make the cut and were going to be discarded.

Nono’s skull mask was made from paper with the skull drawn with a black marker. Not fancy card stock, just normal 75gsm paper.

I’ve always wondered what goes behind the photos. So, am showing the back of the skull mask. The paper was flimsy so I held it up with a piece of card and held and taped a toothpick on it. Painted the toothpick black with, what else, OPI Black Onyx nail polish 🙂 This started as a manicure blog after all…

Hand-drewn and painted the Superman and Batman logos for Christopher (Dog) and Spastic (Cat). Again, nothing fancy, just normal 75gsm paper and acrylic paint. the logos were stuck onto their furry chests using double sided tape.

The mummy costumes were made using cloth tape I found in the sewing box and scraps of white t-shirts from another DIY project (post coming up). The reason why Cante wasn’t wearing any pants was because, well, there wasn’t enough material and I wasn’t about to cut up any of my t-shirts for him #alcheapo

Used staples to “sew” Spastic’s Batman costume. Ha! Betcha didn’t expect that.

Spastic’s bottom wear wasn’t sewn in too. It was just a triangular piece of black cloth tucked into his stapled belt and he just basically sat on the rest of the cloth.

Spastic’s Batman cape mask was sewn all the way, from the ears to the face mask. Eyes were paper cut outs.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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