The red piano

Wendy dropped by to paint her nails. She actually quite sweet one. Always buy me yummy stuff when she comes.

Did mani and pedi for her in  less than an hour. Then used my new piano stickers! So nice!

Red Piano nails!

Then, it got destroyed the next day. How?!


Actually, she only apps me the nail pix. I added the stamps in Line myself cos I LOVE LINE. WHY YOU PEOPLE NO USE LINE?

K, end of rant. Please use Line. It’s good.

Fell sick the next day after doing the nails. Wrote this draft when I was at home in MC, pumped full of antibiotics. Have to be online checking work emails even when sick. Anyone else share the same ocd? I’ve got a colleague who checks her work email while she is expressing milk. I think we are either workaholics or have some kinda internet addiction :-/

Ruffie eating ice cream from Wendy! Yummy!

Ok. End.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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