Christian Louboutin Nails

3rd extension practice with @mentalforpolish. Why no photos of the first 2 sessions, you ask? Cos in her words, they were “Cui.” (means bad, cannot make it)

But she improved a whole lot! So much that, Master Joe from Pink room said “Good.” and that coming from him is worth it’s weight in gold.

Extensions by @mentalforpolish

After the extensions, Shona produced a bottle of red polish. She remembered that I was commenting about Louboutin nails and brought it to paint the underside of the extensions. Aww! So nice!

Red “Soles”

Then, I painted them black with my OPI Black Onyx when I got home.


Louboutin Nails!

Aren’t they beautiful? Ok, can cross this of my bucket list 🙂

Behind every beautiful thing, lies hard work and pain. You should have seen how frustrated Shona was during the first 2 practice sessions. The hundreds of French tips she sculptured before she picked the best 10 for her homework submission (I thought of a good use for them! See next blog post!).

I think all the nail techs went through the same hardship and kudos to them.

It makes any discomfort hand models experience seem worth it.

Gambatte to all nail techs!


Self removal of extensions. I had nail shield on. So, I could remove the extensions by soaking it in warm water. Please get a certified nail tech to remove your extensions for you.


My nails after self-removal. A slight buff and plenty of TLC with my Lush Lemon Flutter, I was good to go.


My nails, 5 days after removal.

Tested out Northern Lights on my pinky. Hence, the sparkly nail.


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A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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