Borderline Case

Got an sms from Wendy one day during work and it read “Babe, did you see the papers today “Urban” Section? Got Kim Kardashians nails in black borders.” My laid back friend, who only sports a classic red or French manicure, actually had found it interesting enough to sms me about it.

Naturally, I checked it out when I got home and it was a pretty nice nail art concept.


I came up with my own spin on it. The design Kim Kardasdian had was on a nude base with black border. Her accent finger seemed to have a jewel stuck on it.

My version was a gold base (Pupa) and purple crackle polish (BT Nails) framed by a dark purple border (Acrylic Paint).

My nails modeled with my gold clutch from Tocco Tenero

 Weird thing happened after 5 days, the top coat peeled off and revealed a matt design.

Peeled top coat

Without top coat

Peeled off all the top coat and cleaned nails for my next design!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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