Shona’s Nail Practice and Final Exam

Long overdue post.

2 weeks after Shona did her practice, another practice was due a few days before her actual exam.

The red/blue manicure she did for me earlier held up well.

I just filled out the nail bed a bit to have it last longer.

Manicure after 2 weeks still doing well albeit slight cracking.

Thumb had some chipping but nothing fatal 🙂

The poor girl was tired from the practicing the exam routine twice cos she could not finish within the designated timing in the first round. Felt a bit bad for her. See the painted nails in her post here.

OPI DS Coronation on my nails after the practice session ❤

At the practice session, I also met Felicia from Felicious Nails and Jenrine from Everyday I’m Polishin‘. Such nice gals!!!

We went to eat MacDonalds after they finished practicing and chatted about nails! Wah, happiness for me.

These new MacDonalds criss cut fries are AWESOME!

Had to paint my nails red for the exam.

I think, I would have failed the exam if I were taking it cos my painting was so streaky!

Self-painted thumbs. So streaky! FAIL.

Self painted fingers. FAIL.

On the morning of nail exam, Shona painted 1 smooth layer over my bad job. PASS!

Pinkroom’s Next Top Nail Model (I self proclaim one. Hahaha…)

All the models were waiting outside to enter the exam venue. The atmosphere was so solemn, it was almost as if we were taking the exams ourselves! I guess everyone was quite stressed cos they probably did not end up with their original manicurists. But, I was very lucky to pick Shona back. No cheating one, ok?

(Must have disclaimer in case Rachel, the principal of Pinkroom, reads my blog.)

Took a couple of shots while waiting to enter the exam venue but have to mosaic my ugly face.

Guess who else was there as a nail model? Ying from Nail Art Express!

Have not seen Ying since last year. So, it was enjoyable trying to recall what happened during her nail exam last year.

She said I looked younger. Aiya, I tell you, its the FATS. They fill out all my wrinkles. Haha.

Here are the nails done by Shona during her exam. Right Hand.

Here are the nails done by Shona during her exam. Left Hand.

Some Pinkroom students after the exam. Look at the relief from their faces! I’m sure they all did their best.

I think their results should be out by now. Hope they all did well.

Ending the post with some stuff I made during this period.

Corsage Shona asked me to make. She ordered a second one the next day! Thanks for the support.

Go read Mental for Polish!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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3 Responses to Shona’s Nail Practice and Final Exam

  1. flylikeafeather says:

    does ying or shona have better services? who would you go to if you had to? just curious (:

    • ruffiebear says:

      Hi. Both of them are good at what they do and are very lovely gals. Their Pinkroom training ensures that their techniques are of a certain standard. They have their own signature styles for nail art. So it really depends on which you fancy. The other difference is simply their location. Ying is in the west (Bukit Batok) and Shona is in the central region (Serangoon). If you cannot decide, just choose the one closer to you 🙂

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