Zhen Gu Shui – A Ruffie Comic

Saw a fren’s FB update that she was feeling lousy, so made a comic to cheer her up.

Hope this is amusing to anyone who is feeling down.

Zhen Gu Shui - A Ruffie Comic

Some sweets for Gollylocks. Do cheer up!

For those who do not know what this red bottle of ointment is all about, the literal translation of Zhen Gu Shui is Straighten Bone Water. It’s basically an effective ointment for bruises. My family has been using this for years. The normal bottle is pretty large and the miniature version Spastic is using is NOT A TOY, it is the real deal. My aunt bought it as a novelty when she was holidaying in China. Crazy cute.

Normal bottle (100ml) vs mini bottle (12ml)

Btw, the Tic Tacs are also real. My bro-in-law just bought them.

It’s just so lucky that I got these mini props for my comics.

Have a great day everyone!

*Pops a tic tac*


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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