Marbling with new frens

Somehow, I found myself winning a 1Q32 Instant Gellish workshop hosted by Pinkroom via their FB and I din even know I participated in a lucky draw. The workshop is sponsored by 1Q32 Instant Gellish.

But never ever giving up a chance to do nails stuff, off I went!

Learnt a lot of new things from the session and met like-minded people e.g. when I was filling out the feedback form on the magazines I usually read, the form had a list of local fashion mags like Elle, Nuyou. I thought out loud and went “HUH? I read Nail Max leh.” Then, some of the girls were like “YA! ME TOO!” After that we went into a discussion on buying the mags from Kino…haha…

Met Shona from Mental for Polish! She is so nice and awesome. My marbled nails were done by her.

Also met SY, from GollyLocks. She is so pretty!

Chelsea from Pinkroom was cute and great about sharing her experience with nails. Thanks for reading my blog. Please post thin pictures of me.

Also, not forgetting Nicole and Yvonne. the trainer who demo on me. Sorry, I din catch your name! I had fun at the workshop.

Enough with my lack of penmanship. This is the result.

Marbling done by Shona from Mental for Polish, the purple and red were done by Yvonne the Pinkroom trainer whom I forgot to ask for her name. Sorry ah.

My thumb. Marbling done by Shona as well.

My nails before the instant gelish. Ya, had to remove the multi-colour zebra. Boohoo.

Bottles of instant gelish and the colours.

Steps to applying: Remove shine, clean with LiquidQ, base gel (optional but suppose to last longer) and UV

Steps continued: Roll bottle to mix well, apply instant gelish, UV or LED

Finish! Apparently, it would be shinier with another layer of gel top coat, which is like super stinko to me.

Of cos, nail art can be done with the system.

Simple nail art without top coat. Feels a bit bumpy and 3D but I liked it cos its like the mushroom in Super Mario.

DIY time and I had Shona as my buddy! I’m so lucky! She didn’t try the system herself cos she had her nails done. So guess who is sharing the UV with me?

美女, SY from GollyLocks! I only realised she was posing for the camera when I was downloading the pictures!

The workshop was fun even though it was a product intro workshop. The Pinkroom trainers didn’t hard sell the products, well, at least not to me and I didn’t buy the system at the end of the session anyway. But I truly enjoyed it cos it was a gathering of the like-minded, sharing experiences and creating new ones.

I don’t have the habit of taking my own pictures or much of other people.

So, ending the post with a random Ruffie comic created during Winter Solstice.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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