Reinventing Peranankan Fashion – The Show

Photos from the show today.

I’m feeling ultra productive today from the high. (Lionel will say its from the nail polish fumes…hahaha)

Did 8 models, comprising 7 lovey ladies and 1 gentleman.

Model: Baoling, Singaporean model. The nice and chatty one πŸ™‚

Model: Christabelle, Singaporean model. The one with the yellow specs.

Model: Jing, Chinese model. The one who is not jing (quiet) at all! Ha ha ha...

Model: Jing

Model: Michelle, Singaporean model. The one who says she is Micheal's "gf/sister". Funny gal.

Model: Yeri, Japanese model. The sleepy one.

Model: Chen, Chinese model. The iPad playing one. She has super high scores!

Model: Chen

Model: Michael. Another sleepy one. Shot this when he was sleeping...teeheehee

Model: Michael

Model: Michael

I completed the models way ahead of time and I even had extra “customers”!

Emily Wills

Belinda. Congrats on winning the gold award!

Serene. The one who asked for rice.

Had a great time today catching up with old acquaintances (Elissa, Jared, Nur, Jane, Lionel, Adrian) and meeting new ones (Belinda, Serene, Timothy, Wesley and Ben).

Adrian gave me a glimpse of the unglamorous side of the fashion industry, which was driving back to the College to move back clothes racks, steamer, iron and ironing board after everyone have left the show. Apparently, all designers do such menial labour. Ya, Karl Lagerfield probably don’t do this but not everyone have ka-kias (sidekicks) like him to do it πŸ™‚

K, more photos later. ZZzzz…

Video uploaded HERE

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A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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2 Responses to Reinventing Peranankan Fashion – The Show

  1. serene says:

    thank you for painting my nails!

    -the one who asked for rice sprinkles hahah
    its still on my nails!

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