This nail design was inspired by a shop called thebearknows.

I was in Liang Court to see Wang Moping’s Watercolour Painting Exhibition, after getting an invite (Thanks Xianhui!) when I chanced upon this shop. The cute shop name and logo caught my eye. They also sell the coveted Cambridge Satchel Company bags!!!

I like this, the 14″ yellow one. Image source: Cambridge Satchel Company

The shop sells another brand of bag but mostly home furnishings. The guy called Mr Au at the store is nice and friendly too!

After going home, I checked the website and saw that thebearknows didn’t include the bags on their website. Why huh? Anyways, just in case, anyone of you in Singapore wants to get the bags, you can go buy it direct from Liang Court. The price is the similar to Doorstep Luxury. I’m not paid by the shop to advertise, ok? Just that I know the wait to buy the bags are is long and I very gian the yellow one. So, if everyone goes buy it then it would be sold out and I wouldn’t get to buy it. Sounds logical? No, I’m delirious….so ignore me and check out the pictures!

Ruffie and thebearknows card.

Doesn’t the bear logo look cute?

The nose and mouth looks like martini glass too, which I think kinda ties in with the home furnishing concept of the store.

Food time! I always make a stop at Tampopo Deli when I’m in Liang Court.

Ruffie getting his paws on the Tampopo Desserts I bought from Liang Court: Milk pudding with caramel. Strawberry shortcake and Scoop cake. All were super beary good!

Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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2 Responses to thebearknows

  1. Puay Sze says:

    Interesting. Got copyright or not. hehe. Luv Jie Jie

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