Pernankan Reinvented

Got a Facebook message from Lionel a couple of months back to do the nails on a fashion show that reinvents pernanakan fashion. Check out details of the show here.

When I posted a status updated on Facebook about designing nails for this show, comments generated were all food related “ondeh ondeh nails, green with brown coconut flakes”, “multi-coloured ones like the 9-layer kueh” and “Kueh lapis nails”.

True blue Singaporeans always have food on their minds 🙂

My design is inspired by the plates Pernankans use so it’s kinda related to food. Lionel and I went through the catalogue for the show that featured a lot of black/white pieces. So we decided that colour blocking was the way to go to add a splash of colour on the runway.

Inspiration: Pink Border and Yellow Centre. Image Source: Museum Shop

Inspiration: Blue Border and Pink Centre. Image Source: Ebay

Volia! Reverse french pattern employed instead of the usual french pattern. The 3 layers was done for fun. The blue colour is off and a bit too bright. But I mixed it on purpose so it will POP on the runway since nails are such tiny parts on the body.

This design is done for the sole male model in the show who would be wearing a menwear outfit called PerananPunk.

Tsk, the lighting made the design very blah. I’ve done the same design here some moons back.

This gold and matte design suits the outfit to a T.

Will try to take pictures of the model wearing both the outfit and the nail design and post.

Okies, the show would be on 19 November 2011, 5pm, at the Pernankan Museum in Singapore.

So excited!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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