Red means blood

Had a little accident, so didn’t have much mood for an elaborate manicure for my colleague’s son’s wedding.

Red design with significance to the blood I shed…so drama, right?

Red and white french with polka dots

Comic strip. Had fun doing it. Hope its a refreshing change to those who read this. Oh! From the fall, I broke 2 packets of desserts I tabao-ed from Ah Chew for mom and dad! * Heart Pain*

Ate dinner at the place near Aljunied MRT, a few friends wanted to know how it was. So, here it goes…

The Ranch, near Aljunied MRT.

French Onion Soup: A light broth that isn’t too peppery. Kinda like home cooked soup. Ok and edible.

Calamari: Its processed food, like fish ball. Not real sotong. OK, if you are really hungry.

Pork Chop: Comes with a choice of 2 sides (Coleslaw, Mash Potato, French Fries, Mixed Vegetables and something else). I chose all french fries lah. Pork chop marinate tastes very chinese. Seems like Hainanese western food. The meat wasn’t too tough. OK to eat.

Service was friendly and polite. I don’t think it was because I was armed with a camera though. People were friendly, the uncle came up to me mid-meal and went “You can eat a lot for a girl.”

The crowd was quite interesting, from families, uncles chatting amongst themselves to a couple made of a chinese lady and a very old man…we are talking about Geylang aka red-light district aka bronx…but I might be wrong.

The interior is non-air conditioned, you can choose to sit outside too, where its brighter for photography (I sat inside cos I wanted to read the cow poster).

The signs at the alcohol section is hilarious. Think my dad will love them.


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