Office nails – Part 2 of 2

Enhancements to yesterday’s manicures

Miss I Ong: Used TPP's Tins polish to enhance the previous design. Added a touch of green and a darker blue.

See Miss I Ong’s previous photo here.

Mdm Loo LF: Gold leafy design, in tandem with the flora dress she intends to wear to the wedding.

See Mdm Loo’s before photo here.

 New manicures below!

Mdm TPP: Purple metallic base (Wet and Wild), leopard design done with white polish and dark purple outline (OPI Russian Navy). Colour matches our Singapore $2 dollar note 🙂

Mrs Ho SF: Purple base (Anna Sui) with white flower/butterfly bridal and yet she isn't the MIL....yet....why so many yets?

Mrs Ho SF: Thumbs...She voluntarily posed with her thumbs together...heehee...cute.

TPP brought part of her TINS collection to show. So awesome! Thanks.

My lunch, the new Magnolia orange shebert.

The shebert is smooth and creamy with bits of orange pulp inside. Clean and fresh tasting. I tried the lychee one too. The texture is nice with chunks of lychee but the taste, I dunno, it didn’t work for me. Need to try the Mangosteen one next time.

My friends, in case you are wondering why the 大胃王 is eating so little, I’m pleased to inform you that I’m not damaged/spoilt. I just had a lovely breakfast and I’m gonna be fooded (In the words of Bucky cat, you can wordify anything is you just verb it) again as our School has tea break today called TGIF.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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