Don and Angela

Finally, the day before the day of reckoning for the couple.

Don and Angela after their manicures...beautiful hands. Don made a lot of noise during his nail cutting session. Poor guy was rather traumatised.

Angela's nails with Blue and Green Jewels to match her turqoise gown

Bling bling pedicure

My nail sessions are never without food. The couple gave me a treat at Skinny Pizza!!! Thanks!!!

From Top Left (Clockwise): Skinny Pizza, the head belongs to Edgar who was an awesome waiter, very attentive to details, even impressing Don. Squid ink pizza. Turkey ham pizza, a bit too sweet for me though. Brie cheese-sausage-truffle fries platter.

This was the reason why Edgar impressed us. He noticed that our pizzas were eaten a while ago and went to the kitchen to chase for our dessert without us prompting it. The round thing is a pandan and black glutinous rice thing, supposed to be the star attraction. But methinks, its more for ang moh tourists. At the bottom right is the ice nougat. More on that below...

Don says it tastes like lemon biscuit and felt a bit cheated.

After nails sessions, we saw the view outside of their hotel room window. We all didn't have polarising filters for our cameras. So, we just switched off the lights in the room and shot the view.

Beautiful, ain’t?


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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