All cracked up

Read about Miro nail supply shop in Taipei in a nail magazine and it was near M’s place. So, made it part of my mission to seek the place out for my trip.

The shop was easy to find. Go to Xinpu Station. Exit 2, Walk straight for 1 minute, den you will see a shop with a handrawn sign that said Nail Art or something liddat. The shop looks cluttered and unmanned but the door has this sign that tell you to go to the 2nd floor. So up I went and its like “Hallelujah! Its nail supply heaven.” The walls along the stairs were filled with designed nail tip samples. (Sorry, no photography allowed in the shop but there are photos on the website).  The shop was 4 times the size of Enamour at Bugis Village. Tons of stuff, from pots of gel/acrylic, nail polish, magazines (NTD 200 per book, same price  as Eslite), 20 or more models of nail dryers/UV lamps…emblishments (swarovski crystals and the works)

Bought 6 bottles of polish (4 crackle and 2 glitter) at NTD 150 each (around SGD6.50). Gold stripe (NTD 20), blue flakes (NTD30) and Nail Max.

See my samples below….haha…doing nails in Taipei. I’m such a freak.

BT Nail Polish. Thumb (No. 80, a pink glitter) with gold stripe. Index (No. 112, dark purple glitter with No. 36 a gold glitter crackle). Middle (No. 80 with No. 9, a dark purple crackle). Ring (No. 112 with white crackle). Pink (No.80 with black crackle)

The pinky design is so Kate Perry collection, rite? Looks like Teenage dream with Black Shatter but at the fraction of the price (1/4 of the retail cost)!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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