Feeling Hot Hot Hot


UPDATE: I won the Special Prize!

Thanks to those who voted me 🙂

Chanced upon another local nail blog, Nail Art Express.

Really cool to see the designs and there is even a nail art contest!

There are 2 themes: “I’ve Got the Blues” and “Feeling Hot Hot Hot”

No guesses which theme I picked.


Red base (FaceShop) with red/gold glitter (Nail Art) with half moon design outlined with gold discs

The contest rules dictates that an explanation of the design, describing how it was created and how it fits in with the theme. Here it goes:

I chose the colour red cos the phrase “RED HOT” came to mind when I saw the theme. The creme red base was layered with glitter to give it a bit of omph.

I always did my half moon manicures free hand but saw a tutorial by Asami using enforcement rings last year and thought it would be good to share with people who want to try it themselves at home.

The gold discs gives the design a bit of lift and sparkle.

White tiger stripes just made the design look fierce!

The overall design has a red and white theme that also celebrates my discovery of yet another Singaporean nail blog.

The products I chose for my design also could be found in Singapore and very affordable (i.e. cheap!).

Supplies I used: FaceShop and Nail Art polish. Rainbow topcoat. Enforcement rings for half moon and gold discs for outlining the half moon. Acrylic white paint for stripes

I know I very suay and never win any contest, Toto, 4D or lucky draw before.

So, please vote for me, hor? At least got a few votes den not so paiseh…haha…

But win or lose, I am so looking forward to seeing other designs submitted.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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2 Responses to Feeling Hot Hot Hot

  1. Linda says:

    Very pretty!! I really like the idea of the golden glitters on the edge of the half moon. I entered the contest too and chose the same theme, so we are concurrents! 😉 I’m looking forward seeing the other entries too, can’t wait!

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