My first day being jobless

Woke up at 7.30am in the morning and I thought to myself “How come I wake up so early huh? Siao!”

Looking out the window, I saw a beautiful morning.


Its a beautiful day to let it get away - U2

Clearing leave now before I start at the new place.

Had been too preoccupied clearing work and doing handovers to properly reflect on things.

(Gosh! I just had a flashback of the Annual Monitoring Report Section on Reflection)

I realised that I rushed through my goodbyes yesterday with my well meaning colleagues at Level 2 who surprised me with a cake and also thoughtful little gifts. I’m gonna miss the place very much.


I mean, where can you find another place where your boss conspires with you to prank a Dean’s office by plastering his office door with posters that say “NO MORE DOCUMENTS”.


Or having a morning meeting with President with a pumpkin on your head just because it was Halloween.


College's dress code for meetings on Halloween

Yup, we work hard, play hard and eat hard too šŸ™‚

To all of you in the the Big Black Box in the Small Red Dot: Thank you for everything and many apologies to those who got a shock about my departure yesterday.

Followup to the post the Green Green nails, I did enhancements while watching In Treatment over the weekend.

AWESOME series from HBO.


A design added for each day from 16 to 21 Feb 2011, my last day at the College

K, gotta run! Stay tuned for more updates!



About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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