How to torture your future daughter-in-law

After dinner at Yi Chuan’s, I swung by to Jen’s place for the 2nd mani session.

Poor Jen suffered mental trauma from a broken paper bag that sent the contents over the road, which got ran over by a vehicle!

Luckily, she was ok, but the shop was not going to be.

She was sending a complain email when I reached her place and hasn’t had dinner.


Feeling quite fierce from writing the complain email, Jen opted for a leopard design

Supper at 11pm: 酸菜饺子 (Preserved vegetable and pork dumpkings in chicken broth), 桂花茶 (Osmanthus tea) and dips...

Grated ginger and vinegar (Left) Shiso/Perilla dips (Right)

So, Jen had her dinner (supper for me) at 11pm and was chatting about kitchen tools like shark skin to make grated ginger/wasabi.

Marcos, her hubby came up with this alternative use for shark skin: To make mash potatoes by grating raw potatoes with shark skin!

Jen and I were flabbergasted cos isn’t it easier to cook the potatoes first and mash them up?

So we concluded that this was the way Marcos is gonna torture his future daughter-in-law…haha….

Happy Chinese New Year!


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One Response to How to torture your future daughter-in-law

  1. Marsala says:

    Oh dear, my hands looked jaundiced!

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