Not related to nails…inspired by a friend who was looking for a bouquet which would not turn into kimchi after 1 week…haha


Handmade bouquet: Pearls and AB crystals

Diameter ard 8.8-9.5cm, made of ard 168 pearls/crystals (lucky number!)

Hearts charm at the handle...

Other charms to choose from: Love and wedding couple (See the cute ribbons!)

I made it so that the ribbon on the handle could be changed to match the colours of the gown as well…

Hope you enjoyed the post.

I had fun making it (12 hours spread over 2 days)



Added white satin-ish cloth and pink ribbon

Alternative angle...

Top view

The piece de resistance

My “diamond” bouquet, made of 300 crystals…


Crystal bouquet made with 300 Swarovski crystals

Crystal Bouquet Dimensions: Total Diameter ~12cm (Crystal Part~7 cm); Height ~ 21cm

Making another pearl and crystal bouquet, a bigger one this time…will post it when its done!



About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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