Mel and Yve

After Yvette’s photoshoot, its time for THE wedding…

Yvette's nails-Base (Done at nail salon), with frilly lace and pink swarovskis

Yvette - Close up of thumb

Yvette - Close up on fingers...before they all dropped! Hee...

Yvette - pink and even the stool is PINK!

Yvette's 3rd Auntie - Nude base with Black french and pearls

Yvette's 3rd Auntie - Close up

Yvette's sister - Black base with sliver glitter gradient

Yvette's sister - Close up

Mel's Mom - Red base with glitter gradient....the smart lady got the dolly behind for the photo shoot!

Mel's sister, Mabel - Pink shimmer base with black french

Mabel - Thumb design....repaired thumbs twice on 2 separate days! Ha...I'm so kaypoh

Kim, old family friend....oso my old fren...haha...ok la, we are not that old...

Kim - Base (OPI My Private Jet) and glitter gradient

Other family friends….

Mel's Pi Pi...

Yve's An An

My present from Mabel, lovingly hand carried from Taiwan!!!

The box....

The wrapping...

The flavours....

The dinners with both sides of the family were wonderful too!

Mel, Mabel and Kim: The dishes we need to order next time at the Thai place are the fried fish and the cereal prawns.

Yve: I’m looking forward to sampling the 100% power  Low Shee Fun/Bee Tai Mak!

Mel and Yve: Here’s wishing you to live happily ever after…


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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