Wedding in session…

Sal’s brother B is finally getting married! Joce is a really sweet girl. Promised to do her bridal nails for her earlier on. Finally did them today. Also, did Joce’s mom, Auntie Irene and Joce’s maid of honor, C. Not forgetting my old fren Sal and her mom, Auntie Mary…

UPDATE: Joce's nails on her wedding day. See her very expensive wedding ring (Yes! the couple actually said their rings were "very expensive" during their vows!)

Joce, the bride: Classic French Manicure with Swarovski Crystals

Joce, the bride wanted something blue on her nails: Russian Nacy (OPI) with Silver/Blue Glitter Gradient

Auntie Irene: Gold Base with Silver Glitter and topped with White Lace

Maid of Honor, C: Classic French Manicure with Flowers

Sal's nails: Russian Navy (OPI) with White Jewels

Sal's nails: Russian Navy (OPI) with White Jewels, posing with Colette's Doggie 🙂

I forgot to take pictures of Auntie Mary’s manicure and Sal’s pedicure! Argh! Lucky I’m going to the church wedding tom…Must bring camera.

UPDATE: Sal's pedicure

Did some nails while we were waiting to go to church….

Sweet little lady...

Sweet little lady's nails...

Daniel's mum's nails


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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