CNY 2010 Part III-Hangout at Sal’s place

Morning of the eve of CNY.

Ya, I very onz. 😛

Khim's fren, C's nails. Red base with gold leaf art.

C's nails: Alternative angle

C's pedicure

Khim's pedicure....but this is not the blingest.

Khim's manicure. Silver base with drak Purple chervon french outlined with crystals.

There are 95 crystals in total on both hands!

Khim updated via sms that all crystals are still intact after 4 days! Amazing.

Sal's nails. She did the base colour at a shop. Its NOT black. Its purple with red sparkles.

Sal's manicure closeup. Tip was done using silver chains.

Sal's pedicure. Done using crystals

Sal's pedicure!

Happy Birthday to Sal! (Early present from Khim and I)

Some interesting things we saw and ate….

On the way to Sal, we saw car plates with 8s and 2s!

Lucky car plates

Khim's parking lot is a cute number which matches the last digit of the car plate!

Our morning snacks: Baked chicken nuggets and exploded sausage! ASH stuck the knife into the poor thing.

Lunch! Rite pizza is yummy. Turkey and mushroom.

Pizza tasted even better when it was hot! Sweet Sal heated it up for us after it went cold while we were doing nails.

Rite pizza sells chicken wings too! A tad sweet though...

Cinnaroll by Rite Pizza. So yummy!

Burp! Always fun and full-filling hanging out at Sal’s. Great company too, with Khim, W, Colette and ASH. C’s a great help at babysitting Colette, at least, much better den Khim and I.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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