White wedding

Old colleague and ex-lab mate getting married this December. Of course, I volunteered my manicure services!

Here are the samples for the bride, WL, who requested a white base. I did 2 variations and shot them on different backgrounds to bring the colour out more clearly.

L: Metallic off white base (a bit on yellow side) with silver glitter gradient. R: White Shimmer Base with silver glitter gradient and 2 other kinds of glitter

Same nail samples but shot on different backgrounds

How? Which one do you like? Left or right?

UPDATE: Added acrylic roses and jewels on the sample as per comment πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Chosen design with acrylic roses and jewels attached

Next mission was to help the groom find a white/grey/silver/light coloured suit/pants as well as shoes.

I’m sorry to report that I was unable to find suit or pants.

But I did managed to find some shoes in Mustafa, Level 2. You can also get nice dress shoes from D&C (Design & Comfort). D&C has a branch in Far East shopping centre, the mock croc pair looks good. Prices at D&C are below $40.

White Shoes at Mustafa Level 2, $19.90-$21.90

OK. Hope this was useful. Will keep an eye out for white suits this week.

UPDATE: Got the photos on the nails I did for WL previously. We had a ex-lab eating activity gathering, manicure session and gift-giving ceremony by Dr OTC.

WL trying out different designs. She couldn't decide!

Final choice was nude base with pink french adorned with white polka dots and gold outline

UPDATE again: Corsages for the bride…hv to match red bow ties for Xiong Di

Its actually white satin, sorry, camera skills not good enough to capture.

How? Can or not?

If can, which one you prefer?

Final design chosen and made. All done by 10am, 24 Dec 09.


All packed for delivery!

Ruffie models the corsage

Ruffie tries an alternate way to wear the corsage...


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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5 Responses to White wedding

  1. BTB says:

    yo..the right one is nicer cos the glitter dot is bigger ..
    got 3d flower/pearl and crystal?

    hehe if have will be better…if not will be too simple..:P

  2. BTB says:

    wow! i want this design!!! fantastic!

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