Colourful Life

A bit bored and tired…colour therapy should cheer me up! Here are some designs I did a while back…

Not really rainbow, more like Jamaica colours

Some say its the gay pride symbol but it is not cos the colours are in the wrong sequence and my design does not contain all colours of the Rainbow Flag.

The Rainbow Flag has the following colours:

  • Hot pink for sexuality,
  • Red for life,
  • Orange for healing,
  • Yellow for the sun,
  • Green for nature,
  • Blue for art,
  • Indigo for harmony,
  • Violet for spirit

Reference :

I do have the colours in my nail polish collections and perhaps, one day, I could do the Rainbow Flag design on my nails 🙂

Here is the design I used in my header. I did this after seeing something with muti-coloured tips in Nail Max.

Fruity Tips!

K, still feel a bit tired though….its gonna be a long week ahead.



About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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