Mother and Daughter do pedicure!

Ok, going to do 3 posts today on the nails I’ve done last week. This is the 1st one. My sister and niece’s pedicures on last Sunday (15 Nov)! My sister choose a pattern from the jap nail mag, she chose her own colours and you know what? After it was done, she said: “Die lah, like very outstanding hor? I’m meeting important client next week leh! Neh mine, I wear covered shoes.”

Everything oso she say one. Jie Jie, you beary good! Glad you liked the nails.

Her nails done using light green base, acid green and blue patterns outlined with gold.

Slivery green base with green and blue patterns. Rest of the toes got gold glitter tips.

All 10 toes!

My little niece wanted something done too. This isn’t really a pedicure, just for fun, I stuck little bees on her toes 🙂

Too Bee Shoo Shoo on little toes!

Stunned speechless!

Update on my sister’s pedicure: Saw one week later (22 Nov) and it was still in good order. Yayy!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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2 Responses to Mother and Daughter do pedicure!

  1. Oh wow – how amazing do those nails look! I have been doing my own pedicures for awhile now and have yet to get them to look that pretty! I do love soaking them though and using my Topricin foot cream…guess I just need to work on the painting LOL

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