Leopard, Blue, Purple and Pokie Dots Manicures

4 manicures done this week….

CZ came to the office after hours and got pulled into an impromptu manicure. Had loads of fun chatting with her and was surprised to learn that she’s a friend of a really good nail guru, Clara, whose blog I followed since her Bugis times….

Got to know CZ from a meeting and subsequently, she spotted my various manicures from time to time e.g. animal prints when I saw her in the lift. I did a leopard print for her. The base was done with a white polish (PA) and light pink french polish (Manicare). Leopard print done using orange and black (both from Barry M).

She was really easy to photograph and got into pose in an instant! I just have to blame my poor photography angles for the bad shots….here are her nails!WhiteBaseOrangeBlackLeopard-2

CZ’s leopard nails





MY’s second manicure! Done in 20 minutes while Miss Fen went for her powerpuff?

French manciure with hot pink pokie dots!

She should be wearing gloves and doing housework while I’m posting this blog 😛


MY's Hot Pink Pokie Dotted French Manicure



Miss Fen’s manicure after her powerpuff. Removed her Halloween nails and did the manicure in her favourite colour, BLUE! I’ve done this like so many times but she insisted on a photo cos it was a different hand.


Miss Fen's Lovely Hands

I oso wanted to do graduation. So, my manicure done using Purple (Maquillage) and PurplishPink Glitter (Face Shop).


Purple and Pink Graduation


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A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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One Response to Leopard, Blue, Purple and Pokie Dots Manicures

  1. Jen says:

    I see that bottle of maquillage is definitely in better hands 😉

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