Big & Beautiful Nail Partner

I got roped in by a friend to participate in the fashion show to do mani/pedi for the models. Was also invited to sponsor a lucky draw prize and I thought I do a set of customised nails. I made a sample to shoot for the lucky draw voucher . How does it look? I tried to follow the font from the BAB website as close as I could. The price was derived from suggestions from colleagues since I don’t do this professionally. (Ms Margarita: I pegged a value to my work!)

So, here it is:


BAB Lucky Draw Voucher

This design was done with a nude base overlayed with silver tinsel. It has gold graduation design on the thumb piece and interlacing gold lines on the other nail pieces. Acrylic roses, swarovski crystals and pearl-like jewels adorn the nails.

How? Nice or not?

I took about 5 hours in total cos the acrylic roses took a long time.

The nails should be ready in a week after confirmation of nail size and design. Winner can discuss preferred design and colour but subject to my limited capability and availability of colours. So read my blog, yea? I hope you gals like the prize.

How to wear the nails and does it impede your everyday life? Well, I’m wearing the nails as I’m typing and have been wearing them since 12.30pm. Its all right so far.


First, stick the adhesive onto the false nails and remove the white backing


Second, press the false nails onto your nails for 5 seconds


Third, do the other hand and you're done!

You should file the base of the nail to match your own nail shape. But I didn’t file match cos I was hungry…


So I took hashbrowns from the freezer, tore Al foil and popped them into the toaster oven....


Nom! Nom! Nom!

I also managed to pull out my nail encyclopedia, go toilet, scratch my head (with hair) and played with ruffie as per normal. Typing on the keyboard is all right too but maybe cos I’m used to having long nails.

I certainly would not recommend eating crabs with these on though!

I washed my hands like twice and its still stuck on quite tight but try not to have too much contact with water or it might come loose. These should be more suitable for short term wear like for the evening at a wedding dinner cos I personally won’t wear them for days or weeks.

Removal is pretty easy. Just soak in warm water for 5-10 mins and pull them off gently. Remove residual adhesive from your natural nail and the false nails thoroughly. I think the nails can be re-used depending on how worn it is.

I actually painted my nails the night before and these nails are stuck on top. See my next post for more nail pics!

OOPS: Worn the nails upside down. Sorry, still learning here.

UPDATE: Winner of this prize, please leave a comment on this post so I can get in touch with you.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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