Classic French Manicure and then back to Animal Instincts

Khim who had been bitten by the nail varnish rainbow bug (Sorry I got you addicted). She sports a classic french manicure design with a twist: mauve base (OPI Mauve-lous Memories) with purple french tip (Versace) outlined with gold glitter (Colour Club). Picture taken with her cell phone charm and kaypoh Ruffie in the background.


All fingers lined up for viewing with Ruffie still hovering in the background.


Khim’s pedicure was done using the same purple base (Versace) and square purple glitter (Barry M). No pictures taken for the pedicure but the picture below is Hazel (and Natasha) sporting the same design.


I think its a known fact that my family love to eat cos people who come to my house always bring me food. See what Ruffie is drooling over what Khim brought.

Nail-091018-Ruffieand Food

Back to animal instincts…my manicure done over the weekend to match my outfit for YT’s wedding dinner. (Stop screaming…Yes, I removed the polka dots design. No, it’s not a waste.) It’s a white and black leopard design.


Same design on both hands…


Attempt at artistic posing


And of course my pedicure will match 😛 WhiteBaseLeopardGlitterlines-5

I’m old so I like to reminisce. My first attempt at drawing leopard print using a champagne base (Faceshop) with light brown in the middle (Faceshop) and dark brown outline (Rochas).


Miss Fen say I’m closet ah lian and I suppose these really show it. Red base with black outline and black french tip on really short nails.


Gold base with Konad leopard spots for Feb 2009 Safari Run. ED said its very Roberto Cavalli….hee…


Siti’s mani and pedi. She said she wanted something that looked fierce but sweet. Grey base (Nana) and Purple base (OPI Do you lilac it?).


Back to my nails done using a light green base (yes, its green.) with orange middle and black outline.


My nails with an iridescent orange base and tiger pattern done with black spangles and white paint. But it didn’t really look like a tiger pattern, more like some Aboriginal painting.


Hazel’s purple leopard done to commemorate Easter.


Jo-An’s nails also done during the Easter season…sorry about the lighting…its a baby blue base with metallic blue outline.


Ok, this concludes the nail stuff done over the weekend and history to the designs. End!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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2 Responses to Classic French Manicure and then back to Animal Instincts

  1. Natasha says:

    Oh, i saw my cute face! So *shy*


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