Red, White and Blue

Continuing my Saturday manicure and pedicure designs… lah, not on myself. On my friends and a friend’s trendy mother.


This are actually my nails, which was done in mid-August. But I did the exact same design on Khim on Saturday. Manicure was done with silver/blue glitter (CK) and blue (Sasa) in a gradient. Pedicure was done with a black base (Barry M) and blue (Sasa). She didn’t get the silver tip like the one in the photo. I really had a fun time keeping her in suspense over the design of the nails especially when I was reassuring her that the final colour of her toes will be blue while I was painting it black. After she turn her head from her conversation with W, I turned her black toes into galaxy blue! She said it matches her blue swimwear that she was gonna wear on Sunday for a pool party. Talk about telepathy!

RedBaseLaceand Pearls

W actually did just the red base on Saturday but came by today cos one of the toes was smudged. Then, she decided on some art, which resulted in lace and pearls. I think we could have done more on this design. Anyways, her mother did the blue base with white dots when she saw mine yesterday. She’s such a sweet lady and evidently, it shows on W too, W brought me Ritz mango strudel!!!!


My family really enjoyed it after dinner. Thanks W! In case, you were pondering what I had for dinner…


Yummy food to eat and nails to paint. This weekend was a blast!


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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