First Acrylic Attempt and Blue Polka Dot Madness


Black base (Barry M) with glitter (Elianto’s Shining Gold and Canmake’s 02). Acrylic roses and leaves (made using mould) and jewels. The solvent for the acrylic was super stinko and I think I’ve got pretty high tolerance for pungent smells! Dad said he preferred the one on the right and kept touching them cos it was 3D. Many suggested for colours on the roses and leaves so they pop out better instead of looking like lumps of white stuff on the toes. One big question that came up was “How you going to remove? With pilers?” Well, I bought an acrylic remover, which kinda dissolved it but I still had to scrape it off to see this!


Yellow stains where the acrylic was stuck (no, it wasn’t photoshopped)! The black stuff on the left toe was from a hiking trip many months back. Anyways, back to the yellow stains….eeewww… I decided to buff it and see what happens…


Managed to lightly buff off most of the yellow stains. The bits that you see are those parts of the nail with grooves and harder to reach. So all is not lost if you wanna do acrylics. I suppose you just need to ensure that your nails are not too weak and thin for the buffing part. Oh, better to put a disclaimer here: I’m not an expert on nails so do consult a professional if you are unsure, yea? After the episode on the yellow nails, I needed to cheer myself up, so I did it with a new pedicure and manicure!


Pedicure was done with a blue base (Nana) and white polka dots. Manicure was done à la classic french manicure with a twist. Close ups below!


Classic french manicure. The white tip had blue polka dots (Nana) and lined with gold glitter (Color Club).


Yes. I can do both hands! Here is evidence 091010-1 🙂 I need more practice to do my right hand though.

This was such a cheerful design and went well with my new blue gingham dress today. Had a really lovely day hanging out with old friends and one new addition (Colette) to the gang.


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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One Response to First Acrylic Attempt and Blue Polka Dot Madness

  1. Natasha says:

    Love the polka dots!

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