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Finally got the blog setup after such a long time talking about it with friends and colleagues who contributed their willing hands and feet for my “art”.

The title was a contribution from a good friend and steak-eating buddy, which gives a twist to the phrase “vanishing rainbow” in more ways than one:

1.  I have a trolley bag full of nail varnish from all colours of the rainbow though not as many as nail polish bloggers, I have enough to astound the man on the street.

2. There is a book called the “Tale of   Rainbow”, which is a story of a kingdom of wolves and kingdom of bears who go to war over a disappearing rainbow. The bear part is close to heart as this blog arose from the Flickr account named after my teddy, you’ve guessed it, Ruffie Bear. It marks the close of the ruffiebear account because when the rainbow appears, the bear disappears…

See, told you I’ve got more than 1 reason 😛

Enough said lets look at my latest nail designs!

Excessive-Version 1.2Excessive-Version 1.2Excessive Version 1.3DSC06229

This piece was titled “Excessive” and was done after a long manicure drought (around 3 weeks). I started to do a base with 7 different kinds of glitter to achieve the holographic effect and I stuck the jewels on the thumbs. Funny thing with the big red jewel, my mom thought my thumbs were bleeding when she saw them in the morning! So she put on her glasses for a closer inspection and heaved a sigh a relief after she saw it was not injury-related.

On with the manicure! The next day, I thought the rest of the fingers looked kinda plain, hence, the red half-moon and more jewels (but I ran out of the black ones so the pinky was painted with black polish)! I was quite happy for the rest of the day.

But I thought I could push it further, so for the rest of the week, amidst the “wah! You got so much time ar?” and “how are you going to get this off?!” I consulted friends and colleagues who assured me that its complicated enough and no further design was required.

End of the week, I just went and did it. I had mixed reactions from people ranging from “I’m totally amazed!” to “Eeew”.

So, what do you think?


About ruffiebear

A bear that belongs to a human who enjoys painting nails with colours of the rainbow.
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